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Welcome to BRONS ART where FUN & ART are our top priority!

Bron is an experienced artist and art teacher who has a funky little studio in Sandringham Melbourne where creative magic happens...

Bron is VIT Registered, Fully Insured and Working with Children Checked.

Art/Craft After School Classes run for 8 weeks during each term. Snack break.

Arty Parties are a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday with the whole studio all to yourself and Bron running the show! 2 Hours. Bring your food and drinks.

Holiday Workshops are jam packed fun sessions where students create from many art, craft, draw, sculpture or paint classes in a fun environment. 2 Hours. Snack break.

FREE GIFT if you book an Art Party before DEC 31st 2017
Visit Art Parties page for details.

bron's art testimonials

"Thanks goodness Art is starting back, she has been nagging me all holidays!" Beth's Mum

"All of her friends have been raving about how great the party was" Carla's Mum

"I love what you do SO MUCH!" Ella's Mum

My daughter has a real passion for art and finding BronsArt has allowed her to nurture her creative side. She looks forward to her class each week, always has fun whilst being challenged, has grown in confidence and has brought home many impressive pieces.
Bron is particularly lovely to work with. She is warm, upbeat, super patient with the kids and always very professional.
BronArt is an excellent choice for art classes. Highly recommended!

"Try keeping her away!" Heidi's Mum

"I want to do Brons Art until I am very old" Tabby

"Can we have a sleepover here?" Chloe

"Can you come and be our Art Teacher at school?" Ellie

"I am so proud of myself" Simone

“Art nourishes a child’s mind. Art encourages imagination and helps a child think outside the square. Creativity is such a wonderful outlet from ‘the books’. It is so important for a child to get dirty and messy, get their hands into clay, mould and paint (all of which I do not do at home!) Brons art studio is one of the happiest kids spaces you will ever walk into! It’s fun and busy, interesting, exciting and warm. My three children have all attended Brons art and it is one activity they never protest! Bron you are a wonderful wonderful teacher, my children absolutely love you and I have noticed significant change in the way the kids handle their school projects. With a recent science project my son remembered the diorama he did with you some time ago and it took his project to another level! Tatum's Mum

Hi Bronwyn, "I just want to add that Isabella has been doing your art classes for nearly a year and absolutely looks forward to every Thursday. You make art really FUN and teach the children so much technique and style. You teach a variety of things and I am really impressed with how much Isabella learns from you, Thank you for inspiring my child with ART!" Isabella's Mum

Millie is so excited she has been wanting to do your class for years! Lucie

Thanks so much for the past year-­‐ Ella has really looked forward to her lessons every Monday. -­‐Kendra

She loves your classes and she loves art. - Yvette - Olivia’s Mum

She can't love it anymore than she does! - Dom - Hannah’s Mum

Thursday's are the highlight of her week!!!! - Ylla - Elle’s Mum

She would be delighted to return next year! - Lianne - Scarlett’s Mum

Thanks for a great year Isabella has really enjoyed art this year. - Anna

Elle finds the class very meditative and really enjoys the quiet time. - Nikki

Ruby has had a beautiful time with you and learnt many skills, not just creatively but much greater focus and patience, so I thank you. - Kylie